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What is an Abortion

Abortion is the early ending of a pregnancy. When abortion happens on its own it is called a miscarriage.

You can also cause an abortion using surgery or medical abortion pills. Sometimes abortion is called ‘termination of pregnancy’.

We assist thousands of woman who have an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, helping them decide whether an abortion is the right choice

If you choose to have an abortion, ensure you choose a safe and legal provider like us.


Abortion is one of the most common medical procedures performed. More than 40% of all women will end a pregnancy by abortion at some time in their reproductive lives.

An abortion is the medical process of ending a pregnancy so it does not result in the birth of a baby.

We all have many important decisions to make in life. What to do about an unplanned pregnancy is an important and common decision faced by women

Here at Abortion pills we sell abortion pills which you can use to terminate an unplanned pregnancy. Most women can have a medication abortion safely. But all medical procedures have some risks, so safety is a concern.

It’s common for women to be nervous about having a medication abortion . Our team of medical practitioners will guide you through the abortion process & ensure that you are taken care of.


Abortion Counselling

Get advice & abortion counselling from qualified medical professionals to help you make an informed decision about whether to have an abortion or not.

We provide before & after abortion counselling to help woman deal this difficult decision

Do you have concerns or queries associated with an unexpected or difficult pregnancy? Every woman is unique in how she feels after an abortion.

Get information about abortion, abortion pills & the abortion processes from our qualified counselors & medical practitioners.

Unplanned Pregnancy? Considering Abortion?

If you’re pregnant and considering abortion, you are not alone. 1 in 5 women will have an abortion by the time they are 45 years old.

For some women, choosing to end their pregnancy may be a relatively simple and easy decision to reach, for others it will be one of the most difficult choices they ever make.

Our counsellors will listen to your concerns and respond to your request for information, support or counselling with our free, confidential & compassionate counselling
Post abortion counselling

We also provide post-abortion help and counselling to help women cope with life after an abortion. Feelings of grief, guilt, shame, depression and anxiety are normal & should be dealt with by a trained counsellor

Our post abortion counselling deals with such issues as physical and emotional recovery, and contraceptive options are usually discussed.

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